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The most environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic straws

Try the new all-straw now For free.

For the highest requirements!


Fairly traded

Safety during the production and fair wages are the highest priority


Free of plastic

… the packaging as well



Our certified product is strictly controlled regularly!


Just put into the organic garbage

​Doesn´t get soft. 



The Green Straw is light, affordable, safe and is ideally suited for bars, restaurants, cafes and hotels.

Already after a short time in the drink he gets an amazing elasticity which returns him to his original condition.

He is manufactured under strict guidelines, is certified and hygienically sealed during packaging.


Our drinking straws are growing naturally in the Mekong Delta.

Made to protect the environment.

The Green Straw grows naturally in Vietnam. Of course it is grown in an environmentally friendly way and without the use of chemicals. Its shelf life is achieved by the drying process.

Recycelt Materials.

In our view, sustainability shouldn´t stop with the product. We therefore only use recycled packaging and ensure that our products are manufactured under fair conditions.

Would you like to know more about alternatives to plastic straws?

You have questions? Feel free to contact us under the following E-Mail:

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